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Let me introduce myself… My name is Oli, but most know me as White Rabbit. As you know, in the beginning of the year 2222 the city's air quality is at an all time low and people have resorted to wearing gas masks and using oxygen tanks so they can breathe. Our waterways are completely polluted by Big Eye Corporation and they now have become undrinkable. Food resources are scares and fully controlled by Big Eye that own 95% of the World’s farmland. If you thought things were not too bad then think again. We have insider information that Big Eye is planning on creating a social credit system for the remaining 2 million humans left on earth, but luckily this is where we come into the picture. Over the past 12 years we have been creating an underground society made up of hackers, scientists and hyper intellectuals that have joined together to fight against the destruction that pollution is causing. This is why we have contacted you... sorry... I must go I’m being watched... Meet us at the Main City Park at 10 pm. Just look for the White Rabbit...

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20% : We create the Okay Humans Coin.
40% : We will also airdrop 1 legendary to a Okay Humans minter.
60% : We launch the Okay Humans breeding system and start introducing utilities for the Okay Humans Coin holders and use some of our budget to develop new utilities.
80% : We airdrop an other legendary Okay Humans to minters.
100% : Okay Humans merch shop launches. 


As an Okay Humans holder, you will be entitled to multiple benefits in the Okay Humans ecosystem. Here are a few from an ever-expanding list.

1- Okay Humans NFTs are deflationary! holders of Okay Humans will have the ability to breed their Okay Humans with the use of a 1 of 3333 breeding potions, keeping only the traits they want to keep from both and creating a new Okay Humans NFT, in effect removing from the supply the two that were bred as well as the breeding potion and adding only the new bred Okay Humans back into the supply. This will have benefits for both holders of Okay Humans and the entire ecosystem as this will make Okay Humans a deflationary NFT.

2- When an Okay Humans NFT is minted minters will not only receive an Okay Humans NFT but will also receive 300 Pixel Pearls which is our Okay Humans ERC-20 token that will have utilities in our ecosystem.

3- Okay Humans will allow for staking with rewards paid in our own ERC-20 token. This token will be used to buy in too many things within our flourishing ecosystem such as private alpha groups, networking opportunities, private events, merch, purchasing breeding potions and much more.

4- Not only is Okay Humans a deflationary NFT but so is our Okay Humans ERC-20 token! If Holders of the Okay Humans tokens, choose to use the tokens to purchase breeding potions the tokens will be completely burned and removed from the circulating supply . Additionally, when Holders of our token use the tokens to purchase any other items within our ecosystem a small portion of tokens will also be burned, Making our entire ecosystem deflationary!*

If you chose not to stake, you're Okay Humans NFTs you will still receive Holder benefits such as access to the Okay Humans verse, private events, fund raiser events, private chats, merch drops, entries into giveaways and much more PS: much more is to come as we grow, Okay Humans will be the next blue chip NFT don't miss out!

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